Teachers Pet

inspired by today’s daily prompt

This is in remembering all  my teachers that said dyslexia is the name smart people gave to laziness

You with the judging eyes in corner

What do you mean with that look

Those papers and pens in order

That know it all attitude is an hook

Look at me is my blood any different

Am I any less just another lazy cunt

Old school of pious and reverent

Is the pyre good enough for the hunt

You said i was lazy every minute

Looking at me with carefree attitude

My smile you have cleaned it

You wouldn’t give a crap if i really could

Oh the hours trying to prove myself

Dreaming of  Bats in my nightmare mind

Those sour pages on my life’s shelf

Pretending to see but i am only blind

And my brain ready to explode

You never gave me a fair chance

Making me pay my heavy load

My Life was always my last dance

One thought on “Teachers Pet

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