Just a Dream…

Inspired by today’s daily prompt

Welcome to my life of dream

There always three doors in me

I am afraid to walk so I scream

But the voice as a silence fee

The door of family stands

With a big crest on the face

The dark familiar song ends

Zone where I have no place

But the song of past deeds

Calling to me from beyond

That song of silent bleeds

Drowning me in soft pond

There is a door love made

The crossed ring in the wood

Carved like sculptor made

Promising my heart drink and food

There is a door of myself

Drumming in the night

The book of me in the shelf

The drama of my own might

And from the doors I have choice

To escape the reaping slow time

The nightmare with no voice

Empty as the value of a dime

I have no time to choose rationally

And I chose love on the spot

Being platonic is my nationality

I enter without a plot

The room is empty and dark

Like it was a simple cave

I lit a torch to see some spark

A image of my wife I crave

And all I get is a row of statues

Composing my life with her

A story made of residues

Making me  look and suffer

The images tell me the wrongs

The things that failed to do

There is no sorry in any tongues

That could take away this blue

And they continue for while

I see me and you get old

Everything getting vile

And we cannot hold

And at the end of the row

A grave as my name in a dome

The statues have gone in the flow

The grave says I died alone

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6 thoughts on “Just a Dream…

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