Daily Prompt Dear Mom:

This was inspired by the daily prompt

Dear mom

I have been dying to tell you

That I am no longer your baby

I don’t have the dreams that you planed

There was a picture of me and you

I was holding white roses

Those York roses that you love

You dreamed for the hands

Of a doctor another healer

And the time passed away

The relationship that we had

Like poison in my head

Those slugs in my pockets that you hate

Are my loved ones

I love the world in a different way

My bed is not only for sleep

Dear mom I have seen the dreams

Shatter in the great make believe

There have been roses in my life

But they are not white

I am not pure or innocent

Like once was on the frame of your room

The bats wait outside

Today I get lost into the night

To accept the world my way

You have been an inspiration

But it’s time to go

My birds drink my eyes

I refuse to see that image anymore

I refuse to lie to you more

To see your smile

Dear mother,I have died too many times

This time I leave behind the white roses

As I ask you and the world remember me as I am

I love you mom but the mirror of your dreams is broken

All that is left is me this bag of flesh with emotion

Please accept me as I am

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18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Dear Mom:

  1. Such powerful words. They must have been simmering, ready to bubble to the surface with the slightest prompt this morning. I am writing the Daily Prompt in my mind, although I don’t think I will share it. What I am thinking is not in keeping with my blog, but maybe the more I consider it, the more I can find in common to who I am now. Thank you for the food for thought.

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