Circle of Five

Written for Todays prompt

I would have liked to spent time with you father

But you have gone way to the shade

The guilt of me emerging from the dark alone

I wish I could be with you gramps but time as played tricks

And your mind once sharp is now as dull as the bricks

I could spend time with my friends

My best friend is always on a meeting

And I am sitting in here hopping for my mom to come

But she is so far way in her own world dome

I wished to spend with my wife

But she is still in bed with the sheets

So I will settle for moody companions

Carrots and coffee push the smoke way

I look it’s the heater and my cat

Dreaming of make belief I could wish for people

But my banner is lonely

The lonely poet in the room

Sings imagination

For is own mind creation

There are five people always around

Me; Myself; My Passion; My pain; My Words

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8 thoughts on “Circle of Five

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