Daily writing Prompt :Imitation/Flattery

The role partaking in my life

As you are nearby, the hero

Of a never ending story

And sometimes it is difficult

To live up to the glory

I am not perfect or radiant

I am just another lonely slob

One that has found chance

As driving ally in the air

The rumour of our tale

Has been all over the world

And I know I fail you and I am sorry

Maybe if this was a Disney story

But my movie doesn’t play that way

Still every morning I plea and prey

For the strength to better myself

To reach that lonely top shelf

Where the books of perfection lays.

To make you feel those love prays

I know I’ll never be the knight of your dreams

But every moment I cross the violent streams

I may not be the super sexy and rich prince

I pick my tears and in my face to convince

This my way to say I love Natalie born in England

And in this world of complication I like being her husband

Inspired by Todays Prompt

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