Blog of the Year

Time to add a little bit of fun to The Blog.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg
Secondly,Thanks go to I Love Him,I Hate Him for nominating me for the award, Glad you like my writing,feeling Humbled right now!

Thirdly I am supposed to tell you three things about myself…
Wondering if I publicly embarrass myself or I play safe…
I’ll go for a mixture of both.

1. I am 28 and I’m still the same fan boy of yu-gi.oh as I always was

2. I believe in the disney version of a knight in shining armor,but without the annoying snow white singing.

3. I get far too carried away in pen and paper RPGs Last I played with a group (outside of my wife and I) I wrote a 1527 page scenario(GM folder) for the first session….

4. My Birthday is December 17th

5. I hate Normality,for me it stands for” The norm or being part of a band of gullible sheep”
Finally here are my nominees for the award:-

Gyption Great Photography,Great Poems

Muags Absolutely wonderful poetry,yet to read something I didn’t love!

Maggie|Write Below The Surface Wonderful Poetry and seems to be such a sweet person!

Brice|Flashlight City Blues Great guy,Great poems!

Hastywords Great poetry,great community

The Laundry Maid My first Follower, Made me realize maybe there was an audience for my work

I think that is all!

Oh I have to give you the official rules, so you can find those here.


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2 thoughts on “Blog of the Year

  1. congratulations on your award – and thank you for sharing the award with other deserving blogs too
    If you check out the proper rules of the award though you’ll find that you don’t have to share things about yourself (lots of us bloggers are fed up of doing this!) – and you can share this award with as many or as few bloggers as you like – we tried to keep this award simple on purpose!
    you can find the rules here:

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