Daily Writing Prompt:Audience of One

Today’s prompt is to write a letter to one person you wish was reading your blog, here in the form of a poem, I write to my Grandfather, I so wish he could read and enjoy my poetry…

Querido Avô
(Sweet Grandfather):

I know you can’t read me now.

I waited too long for you

And now your mind is gone

I remember the excitement

My heart contracting

Every finished book wondrous

And the best, a new one recommended

I remember the hours of talking

The days where you taught me to think

Upon the mysteries of the world

The travels of the mind you made me do

The movies that we shared

The laughter in exploring the world

And although I was your inspiration

To recover from an accident

You were so much more than I can say

You were my very creation

My wind beneath my wings

Always testing me with a smile

The boy that came out of nowhere

You were the giant

In your shoulders now I stand

Making the message that was mainly for you

But the truth is that your mind has gone

Dementia has taken over with age

But you are still my open sky with no cage

I wrote a little more about my grandfather here.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Writing Prompt:Audience of One

  1. very touching…My grandfather would give me good spanking were he to read my blog. I must come up with some one else. Love the idea.

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