Weekly Writing Challenge:Gifs(Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone)

So Today I stumbled upon, This weeks “Weekly Writing Challenge” and Iam going to accept the challenge to step outside my comfort zone and write a post that isn’t my beloved poetry! I come from quite a technological family,so whilst I know much of the technicalities,My heart is an artists heart not a techie.



Regarding “.Gifs”, (originally introduced by CompuServe in 1987) They are quite  ingenious and forward thinking, however, Unfortunately their capabilities like most inventions were immense but have since been exploited or worse,not explored to their fullest truest potential.

Since then we have come a long way, making “.Gifs” a worldwide phenomenon throughout the internet, its farcical to say that we are using these tools( provided to us full of potential) as we fail to use it for more than mere entertainment.

When considering the true possibilities of “.Gifs” we are looking at world where with the tools that are available to the common programmer not only, can we make art, but we can also introduce the gif programing system into interactive forms of learning and connection.

Still the size of gullible and pitiable crap that we are faced with at every day via Facebook and other networks is horrendous making me believe the generation of creators has died and has been substituted by a new and improved generation of copy/paste.

There is no telling how much we could benefit from sites that actually used the .Gif tool for something like anatomy viewing in cases of medical students, physics’ dynamics for students of advanced physics’, molecular display for biology and chemistry students.

Instead we get dancing clowns repeating themselves or images of people pulling faces whilst they scream or even just breasts “comically” bouncing up and down.

Maybe my sentiment derives from being a poet and thinking that art in its essence, although momentary, has to have something deep and meaningful, don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good laugh but life is not just laughter, let alone art.

For once I would like to see a spree of programming on .gifs That actually was artistic like a landscape in motion a sunrise or even a sunset, something poetical, something everyone could look and be amazed at the detail like looking into a Dali Painting, always finding a new detail to further  perceive the whole

Instead I am faced with bluntness and harshness of moving a blank image of something that sometimes isn’t even funny we have come to the era of the blunt/blank, the era of the super duper hyper mega fast, and as i have touched upon in previous post over at Parted Only By Ocean we trade reflection for reflex.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge:Gifs(Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone)

  1. “…believe the generation of creators has died…” Me too.

    There are some GIFs that I would consider both creative and art. I found one on another blog by Fish of Gold, where all the world on a busy street seemed to stop, except for on man on a park bench reading a newspaper.

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  3. Well done moving out of your comfort zone. I don’t have a facebook account, but I have the same sort of fear for the lack of inspiration in art. Although, having checked out some of the offerings on the wordpress page I notice that there are some people who have gone beyond the cutsie pictures I’ve thought of as gifs.

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