Weekly Writing Challange:-The Infamous Fernando and the Famous Dr. David.


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My Father

The moment that changed my life,

never happened

As the days passed away in front of me

I dreamt of treasures that I wouldn’t discover

Few signs everywhere

Just my hyperactive imagination

The hard work, tempered with sulphate plates

The walls were yellow and I kept on marching

Behind the colonal with precise hands

Every stop there was a new fan

I was your groupie until the end

And in the silent hours of the hospital

I cleaned the wounds of the suffering

My lips always glancing with a smile

All I saw at every moment was your back

I remember the way you talked about the beauty of others

Maybe it was my fault and I could never see

The breathing of exasperation that I swallowed

I went way with the years

Never to come back to the unity of us

And although you were ever present I never felt it.

But now you’re gone completely

I still remember your face of disbelief at every word

You have abandoned this world and there is nothing in me

I wish I saw that moment of pride in your eyes

But instead of all the things that I hoped

You were always on your ow’ route

And I still hope that you’re not totally gone

Standing in the altar of your death

I feel just like another empty lonely form

You will never see me or what you wished for my being

I feel like I have let you down and your dreams

In that little boy,who was me

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