The Rock

When your poet there is no help

Your torment by your spirit mind

By something no one has felt

There are no words for you to find

For words have became rocks

Full of meanings and none of their own

And although they’re your blocks

You Can’t help but simply moan

At the dormant feeling deep inside

You are stuck inside a globe

You wait for time to deeply in your mind

Your Grave is your own dome

And you hope too feel but nothing comes

Only your lonely mental logical sums

You reach inside with the sound of drums

Trying to avoid your voice that mocks

Whilst knowing there are no real rocks

My cause

My cause it’s simple.

To experience everything

To know and teach

To learn and breath

I want to feel every thought

Each and every feeling

I want to not wonder

In each and every moment

I want to travel and know

Be everywhere without being

Walk the path of the gods

Those gods i’am so unsure about

I want to know the pains of my brother

of my sister, i want to know your pains

I want to know everyone

Knowing that i know nothing

I want to live and die in the same moment

i want to be without being

And for all that i want to commune

with your soul inside a simple whisper


My Name spawns from the fiery ash

Like death itself it envelops me in solitude

Wild and free lonely and sparkling flash

The wings of bright red, no gratitude

Morning suns made to last forever

As the tear  roll away to heal the others

reborn because my time is never

I am the choice of all my fathers

And my name is  philosophy of pain

As i crumble down  the blood vein

Of  name  rigged in history call

The identity of my soul and fall

I will forever be trapped inside this letters

But then again this my life nothing else matters

Gothic one on one:

Um monstro crónico e demente.

Escondido num desmaio de olhares.

Ele puxa a manta de retalho…

Cobrindo-se do inverno bipolar

Os suores pupulam as suas ruas

Como rumores perdidos na escuridão

Fantasmas destronados de um mito

flexionam musculos de cimento e ferro.

Algo corrido nas pela dormente ferrugem

Mentes metálicas oxidadas

Cheias de raiva espumante

Vicios mordomias e mentiras

acordam num grito esquecido

Morrem as  palavras  de um tempo já ido

Como esplicar a doença que sinto no ar

Um demente grita e continua a puxar.

Como protecção  de uma religião ou seita

Nunca combrindo aquele que dorme perdido

Dentro da humanidade um coração enegrecido

Like Something :

If this is the last moment
And there is no more words
I won’t be more your opponent
I will just talk about the birds
And if tears come to my eyes
Old my hands and just let then run
There will be no more goodbyes
Just remember all the times of fun
And if your frightened today
Let my arms be a fortress
If the problems are here to stay
And all days are a mess

This are my words to you
Don’t give up fight
Keep it up even if only tonight
Use my love as a form of glue
All dreams might fade way
But all the memories will stay

And if the pains are made of blood
There is more time to heal
All your love was like a flood
There are screams in what I feel
But I lie just for your smile
Cause I am connected deep in you
And if only for a small while
Let the sky be clear blue
Trust in me in this epic ride
The fainting time slips way
And all the past put aside
This is all I can say.

This are my words to you
Don’t give up fight
Keep it up even if only tonight
Use my love as a form of glue
All dreams might fade way
But all the memories will stay

And I know this might sound dumb
But I really love you dear mother

Living Imperfection.


According to almighty medicine I shouldn’t be alive
I would be an abortion in our days
A fleshy discharge
That some one has
Just for the sake of perfection
And what about my life
And what about nature
Have you become so shallow
That any notion of some thing different
We do a crusade with drugs for weapons
We kill what we perceive as weird
Like bully’s in a school picking at the geeks
If had been a baby of our days
I wouldn’t exist
My memory and body wouldn’t persist
And my tears would never have fell
My heart would never have been broken
Forever away from being in love
If medicine at won its battle
These words would never burn
This thought would be nothing
And I could never say that
Simple sentence that defines me
Poetry couldn’t be my path.

Jedi, Sith,Zen..What is Wisdom?

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What is wisdom really?
Well if we were living in Star Wars, you would have Jedi saying that wisdom is reached by understanding what inner peace means and the Sith would respond that true wisdom is the knowledge that the world is founded in betrayal.


But for me the true notion of wisdom is to understand that we are more then just the mater that we see, we are not atoms or molecules, the true nature of oneself its an energetic one.


We are energy and true wisdom is what we direct our energy towards, and as we think that only Zen monks can reach nirvana.We are too distracted by the trivialities of the material world.


We are all wise in one way or another, we all trace our steps towards our goals, and as the beginning of every life form poses a question. We conform to be bystanders calling heroic feats of others.

As we discredit our own.

David Copperfield starts his biography with a simple question?

Of whether he will be the hero of his own life, or if that role would be credited to another?

And my question is… why? Why should anyone else be the hero of our life, are we not important enough to be heroes?

Are we so detached of self pride and self-esteem that we continually look for outside stimulation towards our own amusement and damnation.

And have we let the fame and fortune of others indirectly dictate our own goals.

It is so so sad to see so many good and capable people driving themselves to the ground by society that offers dreams tainted in curses.

So what is wisdom?

Are you wise enough to see your own importance?

zodiac 1

The fires of creation dancing in the shadow

A dominion over the seriousness of the world

Making the waves upon the quiet meadow

As imagination recreates dimensions made curled


The arrow of mighty precision as metal is ready

The voices of the muses in water try your head

Trying to maintain your arm and hand steady

One simple release and the colours run red


The song of marching hoofs melds with voices

In the road of animal or human are the choices

For the dormant belief inside the mind procession


The spirit of an untamed horse in the wild dreams

Vision of warrior’s tribe making dramatic rage screams

The human in all this made animal without exception



A Barreira

A Barreira é rígida e fria

Não nos deixa atravessar

A Barreira é distante e ilusória

Como sonhos por terminar

A Barreira é intemporal e imortal

Continua depois de existirmos

A Barreira é dançarina ilusória

Conta-nos histórias até nos rirmos

A Barreira é evasiva

Distancia-se apesar de tudo

A Barreira é Manipulativa

Segreda-nos Mentiras em tom Mudo

A Barreira separa-nos

A Mim de Ti

O Humano do Divino

Em toda a terra o Humanismo é murmurado

Como tabu mal-amado mal-aventurado

E Tu e Eu

Calamo-nos Deixamos prenderem o nosso espirito

O mundo grita de dor e nós ignoramos

Um umbigo maior que tudo Isso

Mas sempre mais pequeno que a Barreira


What if freedom was just denial

just a field experience like trial

the dreams and reason just concepts

of many genetic aspects

for all the evolution just another root

with no undue or reboot

wishing thoughts away

what if we are not here to stay

bubbles and bubbles with shape

are we anything to the ape

grinding the soul

all we understand is the void and hole

grieve for the ignorance of yourself

while you look that book in shelf

were are you my sweet deluded man

come and look at the bigger plan

there is voice in the wind taking about himself

that is not in any book in that shelf

a voice that is different for all us but yet silent

like a flying and destroyed dilettante

I long for the answers of death in shadow

whilst trying to stand in this green meadow

blue moments of doubt in the arms of creation

when in bed I reach an ejaculation